Travel tips - Travelling with pets

Animals can very well suffer jet lag. Basically, it works the same as it does with humans. Keep your pets active and in the sunlight, keep habits the same, and don't allow them to oversleep.

It is important that your pet have ID tags at all times. Our pets all have ID tags with our home number and address on them.

When traveling with cats, always make sure that their carrier is clean and fresh. Line the bottom of the carrier with about a centimeter of newspaper. Then put an old blanket or towel on top. Remember to pack fresh newspaper and old towels or blankets in a bag, so that every time you stop you can put in fresh newspaper and a blanket if necessary. When the time comes, close all windows and doors, then take your cat out of the carrier and clean it. Wash the bottom, put in new paper and a clean blanket, and then put your cat back in. You must do this all ONLY when the car is parked. If you want to take your cat outside to stretch, make sure to have a leash and harness handy. DO NOT let your cat off the leash - he will run away and try to find your house. If you are going to be traveling in the car for more than 2 hours, make sure you bring a container of fresh, cool water. Remember to stop a few times during the trip to give him a drink of water.

Acclimate your pet. Be certain that your pet is accustomed to traveling in a car. If not, try a series of shorter trips before taking a long one.

Before driving,feed your pet lightly before beginning the trip, about one third of their normal amount. Save the remainder and feed it once you've reached your destination.

Vacationing with your pets can be extremely rewarding if you take the time to do some research in advance. If your pets will be staying with you in your room here are some of the questions you should ask when making your reservation:

(1)- Do you accept pets? Guide books and hotel directories are a great resource but pet policies change often so you should always verify the current policy. Are there any pet fees or deposits? Are they per pet or per room? Are they daily or one time only? Is the deposit refundable?

(2)- Am I limited to certain type rooms? I recently stayed in a hotel that would only let us have a smoking room. Many places will also limit you to a street view.

(3)- Are there any areas that I can't go with my pet? I once stayed in a hotel that allowed the dog in the room only, we had to walk them in a grassy area in front of a neighboring restaurant.

(4)- Do you offer anything special for pets? There are places that cater to those traveling with their pets, so it doesn't hurt to ask. There are 5 star resorts that offer pet sitting, pet walking, welcome gifts and room service items.

Make sure that if you must transport your pet in a kennel that the kennel is large enough for it to stand up, lie down, and turn around.

Your pet may need a health certificate from your veterinarian before travelling. Check with the appropriate authorities to ensure that you comply with all regulations well in advance of your travel date.

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